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Unlocking Growth Across the Atlantic

Here at Ivy Capital, we have two primary methods of investing in our partners:

Direct Investments

Our capital allows us to lead investment rounds with start-ups. We take pride in championing the growth of our hand-picked portfolio companies.

Collaboration with Venture Partners

We grant our clients exclusive access to a strong investor network, including family offices, venture capital firms, and influential high net worth individuals.

Why use Ivy for your investment journey?
Ivy Capital benefits from a large network of investors and a wealth of experience on investor calls. Through years of experience in industry, we have curated rich relationships as trusted investment partners, speeding up the due diligence process. As advisors, we serve as intermediaries to help business owners effectively articulate their business model and exit strategy to potential investors. 

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If you are looking for funding or want to join our investor network, get in touch today.

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