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Unlocking Growth Across the Atlantic

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What We Do

Ivy Capital Partners goes beyond being a service provider; we become an integral part of your global strategy, offering comprehensive support for every facet of international business expansion.


Expansion Support

By leveraging Ivy Capital Partners' services, your venture gains a flexible solution for international expansion. We streamline the intricate process, offering a comprehensive suite of services to make your transition into new markets seamless and efficient.

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Foreign Expertise

Our adept team is situated in Ireland, providing you with a localised presence to drive your global ambitions. Beyond administrative functions, we are well-equipped to orchestrate tech demos, facilitate compelling sales calls, cultivate relationships with potential investors, and diligently navigate the intricacies of foreign regulations and requirements.


Virtual Satellite Office

In addition to our physical presence, we function as a virtual satellite office for our clients. This supplies you with the benefits of an international location and a foreign business address, further enhancing your global image and accessibility. Whether it's for administrative purposes or bolstering your market position, our virtual office support is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Why Ireland?
Ireland is undeniably a global tech powerhouse, home to giants like Google, Meta, and Apple. In fact, Dublin is often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of Europe". The only English-speaking country in the European Union, it comes as no surprise that Ireland is a proven launchpad into Europe.

Why is it difficult for startups to expand in Ireland?
For startups with limiting resources, penetrating the competitive Irish market can seem like an insurmountable challenge. The Irish government's Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and other agencies tasked with attracting foreign companies and investments are inundated with inquiries from countless companies, making it difficult for startups to gain the high-level access and support they need. Big Tech is at the front of the line, leaving small companies waiting for their turn.

What is Ivy Capital Partners?
David Patton and Stephen Kelly partnered together to form Ivy Capital Partners to address this specific issue, aiming to democratise access to the Irish market for tech startups. Our firm's objective is to provide these firms with the resources and network to expand into Ireland and gain a strategic launchpad into the broader European markets. Tapping into our extensive networks gained through years of working in various industries, Ivy Capital provides high level access to government agencies, C-suite executives, venture partners, and more unique contacts. Furthermore, our experience has allowed us to identify potential partnerships and synergies amongst our vast network of esteemed business partners. 

What makes us different?
With twenty years of experience as a CEO in the logistics industry, Stephen has worked with clients ranging from Volkswagen to Boeing. He has learnt that beating deadlines and delivering the impossible is crucial in this field. David brings to Ivy Capital a wealth of rich corporate experience from the banking industry, specialising in treasury and risk management. As co-managing partners, David and Stephen blend their unique experiences and expertise. Their collaboration at Ivy Capital provides eager start-ups with ready-made relationships and facilitates seamless international expansion.

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