Services – as simple as F.A.D.N.​


When you are changing the world and fighting legacy it's never cheap, we therefore have that vital access to capital and are ready to allocate at a moment's notice especially when you face an Existential Level Event and funding is vital for continued operations​


As a wise man once said – Good Advice is always worth paying for and at Ivy we take this belief to heart. With over 50 years' experience in banking, tech, logistics, aviation, real estate and founder business we are here ready to speak that truth required to stay ahead and avoid stepping on those landmines.​


We believe our founders need all the time and resources to concentrate on their core business of growing the future today and therefore we understand that brilliant companies need that direct sales and support to keep the momentum going therefore we provide this scale strategy to grow those users to the next level


Your network is indeed your NetWorth – our partners are part of our community where the whole is so much greater than the sum of the individual parts. Our partners all have other partners to lean on, grow and collaborate with. Indeed, sometimes changing the world needs an army of brilliant minds working together and we at IVY embrace this ideology as a core principle. We also personally have a rolodex of contacts and connections that are envious of anyone and we can open a door that might otherwise be closed.